EAGLE Strings

Welcome to the EAGLE School strings program! We offer ensemble classes and private cello, viola, and violin lessons to children of all ages and levels. Please note: this fall we will only enroll new cello students while Laura Mericle is on maternity leave. New violin enrollment will begin after winter break in January. If you are interested in cello, please enroll! Current violin students will continue with lessons with Katherine Floriano, or Vini Sant'Ana (subbing for Laura). 

Our ensembles perform on two school-wide concerts in December and May, and our private students have the opportunity to perform on at least two solo recitals each year. We strongly encourage our students to participate in both lessons and an ensemble class, and the vast majority of students in the strings program at EAGLE do both. Students who take lessons outside of school are welcome to play in an ensemble class. 

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are taught one-on-one and are the bread and butter of what we do. In their private lessons, students learn everything from the fundamentals of playing their instrument, to how to successfully practice at home. Lessons are during QRT periods or the lunch/recess hour and are 40 minutes.  


Ensemble classes are a wonderful opportunity for students to learn to play together.  They provide a social aspect to learning an instrument and help develop a sense of community.  Ensemble classes include weekly rehearsals and school concerts in December and May.

EAGLETS: For new violin and cello students. These groups are dependent on enrollment and will be scheduled accordingly.  

LUNCHTIME STRINGS: For all strings students with at least one year of instruction. Meets over the lunch hour on Tuesdays. Led by Laura Mericle.

EAGLE STRING ORCHESTRA: For all strings students with at least two years of instruction. Meets over the lunch hour on Wednesdays. Led by Katherine Floriano